This year’s Annual Meeting will be virtual and
held in conjunction with the SOC Annual Meeting, due to Covid-19

WHEN Friday, October 16, 2020
1:00 PM
WHERE Zoom – Register to get link.

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The Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity to worship and learn together, and to conduct the annual business of the Western North Carolina Association. The meeting is held on the first Saturday in October, and a call letter with specifics is issued in late summer to all WNCA churches, organizations and clergy with Association standing. Documents for the meeting can be accessed by clicking the relevant button — and you can view or download previous’ years documents as well.

According to WNCA Bylaws Article I — Membership, Section 3 — Voting Delegates
The voting delegates of the Association shall consist of: the ordained, licensed, and commissioned ministers,and directors of religious education certified by the Worship and Education Ministry Team of Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ holding standing in the Association, and two lay delegates selected by and representing each local church within the Association. (Number of members for determination of lay delegates for a church is based upon the church membership reported in the national UCC Yearbook.) also states that Members of the Board of Directors shall be voting members of the Association. Visitors are welcome to attend the Annual Gathering.

The Bylaws also establish the number of lay delegates from each church eligible to attend the Annual Gathering —

  • Churches with up to 300 members shall be entitled to have 2 lay delegates
  • Churches with 301 to 500 member s shall be entitled to have 3 lay delegates
  • Churches with 501 to 700 members shall be entitl ed to have 4 lay delegates
  • Churches with 701 to 900 members shall be entitled to have 5 lay delegates
  • Churches with over 900 members shall be entitled to one additional lay delegate per each additional 200 members or fraction thereof